There are currently many players in the car rental industry. They offer increasingly flexible offers in order to best meet the needs of consumers. But is an unlimited mileage rental interesting? And how does it work?

Unlimited mileage car rental: for whom?

Rental agencies offer 3 rental formulas: payment per kilometre driven, limited kilometre or unlimited kilometre. In general, the limited mileage formulas offer a journey of 250 kilometres per day. Each additional kilometre must be paid for at a rate of 0.40 euro excluding tax for a city car. For commercial vehicles, the cost can even double. The bill can therefore be high when the vehicle is returned. For those who plan to drive long distances, renting with unlimited kilometres is certainly the most sensible situation. It will allow them to drive with complete peace of mind, without having to worry about the final bill. Unlimited mileage allows you to keep your budget under control.

Which rental agency to choose?

Before looking for a rental agency, determine in advance the car category, the budget, the length of the rental, etc. in order to save time. Moreover, to find the best offer, make a tour of the agencies. However, be aware that not all professionals offer unlimited mileage. It is therefore advisable to find out about it to avoid unpleasant surprises. To reduce the risks, choose a well-known brand that offers customers 24-hour roadside assistance. It's a guarantee of reliability. What's more, the team will always be available. In the event of a breakdown, you will be able to have a replacement vehicle as soon as possible. At the end, compare the services offered and the price. For a car of the same category, the cost can vary from simple to double.

Where to find a rental agency?

There are several ways to find a rental agency: consult directories such as the Yellow Pages, ask relatives for suggestions or search the Internet. To access the important information about the different car rental agencies in your list, remember to visit their pages and read the testimonials left by previous customers. Otherwise, read the opinions of Internet users in forums and social networks.