Holidays car rental

Car rental: the documents to provide

Private individual, professional, company, car rental is accessible to everyone under two main conditions. On the one hand, the tenant must be at least 21 years old or at least 25 years old in the case of an exceptional private…

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What are the essential insurances when renting a car?

For those who wish to go on holiday or those who want to rent a car for their move, there are many insurances to take out. Some are essential in case of an accident while renting a car and others…

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Everything you need to know about car rental franchise

The car rental deductible is an essential element to consider for anyone wishing to rent a vehicle, the contracts have an aspect concerning the insurance of the good and often provide for a high deductible. The deductible is available through…

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When to rent unlimited mileage?

There are currently many players in the car rental industry. They offer increasingly flexible offers in order to best meet the needs of consumers. But is an unlimited mileage rental interesting? And how does it work? Unlimited mileage car rental:…

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How to rent a car thanks to traveller’s check?

Families and employees who benefit from holiday vouchers can use them to rent a car. All you must do is give the rental company the amount of the rental in holiday vouchers and you can leave with a car. In…

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What are the main tourist attractions in Malaga?

Does your holiday programme leave you perplexed? You don’t know what to expect during your stay in Malaga? Let us give you some ideas! Practical car rental between individuals for example! Experience the best of the city by going to…

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