Families and employees who benefit from holiday vouchers can use them to rent a car. All you must do is give the rental company the amount of the rental in holiday vouchers and you can leave with a car. In France, holiday vouchers are accepted by most rental car networks.

Renting a car for holidays

Many individuals choose to rent a car to go on holiday or to take advantage of a punctual rental outside of the holidays. Holiday vouchers are valid for 2 years from the date of issue. They can be used in metropolitan France, in the French overseas departments and territories and in all European Union member countries. A holiday voucher can be used to pay for car hire, fuel, restaurant meals, etc. This method of payment is very practical for the families of employees going on holiday as it enables them to pay for the various expenses related to the stay and leisure activities.

Principle of the holiday voucher

It is estimated that ten million employees and beneficiaries benefit from holiday vouchers that can be used to finance summer holidays. The main part of a holiday voucher is paid by the company employing the employee and, depending on the income, the employee will only have to pay a small difference. The vouchers have a value ranging from 10 to 50 euros and are usually in the form of a voucher book. If they have not been used before their validity expires, they can be exchanged for new cheques. It was President François Mitterrand, who in 1982 decided to set up this social assistance scheme to enable all private sector employees to go on holiday.

Paying for a rental with holiday vouchers

If you are the recipient of holiday vouchers and have opted for a car rental to go on holiday, it is advisable to arrange the car rental in advance. To do this, contact a car rental company and let them know your car reservation dates. When you pick up the car, you will hand over the holiday vouchers as a means of payment. You can also pay for a hotel stay, travel agency bills, sightseeing tours, theme park tickets, etc. in full or in part. Check the ANCV (Agence Nationale pour les Chèques-vacances-vacances) website for a list of service providers where you can pay with holiday vouchers to help you plan your budget.