The collaborative economy is a socio-economic system based on the exchange or sharing of goods such as cars, apartments, studios, or assistance to people in need. It can involve economic, i.e. monetary, exchange, but can also be based on volunteering. Sharing can be accessed on digital platforms, but it can also be done within different associations. The collaborative economy market is booming in France and generates a few billion in turnover per year, including car-sharing between individuals.

Only advantages

Car-sharing between individuals has only advantages. For the borrower and for the owner. At the same time, the car becomes more profitable and less expensive when it is shared or rented. The owner: his vehicle becomes more profitable because it brings in a little money, knowing that car sharing costs on average between 0.25 and 0.35 € per kilometre. This is the average, but rates can change depending on the rental company, which can be private individuals or digital platforms. At the same time, it's much less expensive too, because the money that comes in can very well cover a very large part of the monthly expenses of the car, such as vignettes, parking fees, or even maintenance or insurance costs, why not... so if the car instead of staying in the parking lot or the garage, it serves a great cause, the car. The renter: you don't want to buy a car because it's not every day that you need one. You already have one, so there's no question of having a second one that will only be used occasionally. You're a strong supporter of the environmental cause and you don't want to clutter up the roads and the atmosphere with more vehicles. There are many reasons why you might want to opt for car sharing. They are only a few, but they are all equally valid. And the expenses are considerably reduced. That's why they say car sharing is a really good product of the collaborative economy. Compare the best car rental offers in Europe.

How's it going?

Car sharing between individuals is done through user associations in the same city or through specialized websites. These sites or associations put individuals who rent their vehicles in touch with those who are looking for them. Car rental is done by the hour or by the day. Check car-hire for more about private car hire.

Preservation of the environment

One of the good causes that are served by this practice is the protection of the environment, because it greatly reduces the number of cars on the road, which therefore pollute.