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Car clubs between private individuals: the fruit of the collaborative economy

The collaborative economy is a socio-economic system based on the exchange or sharing of goods such as cars, apartments, studios, or assistance to people in need. It can involve economic, i.e. monetary, exchange, but can also be based on volunteering….

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What are the different ways of car sharing?

For decades, car sharing has been developing in France as well as in other foreign countries. The car-sharing system limits fuel consumption, as the car is only used when needed. There are different types of car sharing, but the most…

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What is free-floating carsharing?

Car-sharing is a rapidly expanding system that guarantees its users easy mobility in each area. Present in several European countries, car-sharing has replaced individual car ownership. There are several types of car-sharing, but the most popular is car-sharing in free…

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Car clubs, a very ecological and economical mobility solution!

The concept of car sharing is becoming increasingly popular in France because it is a key to the green mobility of the future. Among the various mobility solutions that exist today, car sharing is among the least expensive and least…

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Car clubs and car insurance: how to protect

Car sharing is more and more widespread in France. It is not only economical, but also beneficial for the environment. However, before taking the plunge, certain precautions must be taken. What insurance for car-sharing? Follow the details. What is car-sharing?…

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Car insurance: special contracts for club cars

The principle of car sharing is simple: the individual rents his vehicle to another person. However, this concept does not always appear in the car insurance contract, except for the all-risk contract, which is much more expensive than the intermediary…

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