The principle of car sharing is simple: the individual rents his vehicle to another person. However, this concept does not always appear in the car insurance contract, except for the all-risk contract, which is much more expensive than the intermediary formula. Fortunately, insurance companies are starting to offer offers adapted to car sharing.

Forms of car sharing

Before looking at the car rental insurance packages between private individuals and professionals insured by Allianz, it is best to look at the different forms of car sharing. First, there is car sharing from private individual to private individual. The car-sharing car is delivered directly by the owner to the tenant without any intermediary. Then, there is the private rental to an intermediary. In this case, the intermediary will find the customer on behalf of the car owner. Finally, car sharing in a professional environment concerns companies that make their fleet available to employees.

Shared car insurance contracts

In the case of a car sharing between individuals with an intermediary and a car sharing for a company, a company takes care of the contract. The contract naturally includes insurance. The insurance premium of the car owner will not be affected by the rental through an intermediary. However, one should always keep an eye on the deductibles which can cause significant costs. Things get a little more complicated when the rental is done without an intermediary. Indeed, the owner's car insurance contract comes into play to cover his property. However, traditional car insurance is not always optimized for this type of loan. Therefore, you should contact your insurer to inform them of the situation if the owner decides to rent his vehicle to private individuals without an intermediary. Otherwise, the insurance company may refuse compensation in the event of an accident.

Existing solutions

The first solution is to include several secondary drivers in the contract. This option is mainly intended for spouses and children but can also be used for car rentals between individuals. The bonus/malus will then be impacted, regardless of the driver responsible for the claim. The other solution is to subscribe to the flying loan guarantee. The formula reimburses the damage in the event of a claim caused by an occasional driver. Finally, there is the car sharing formula itself, which is recommended for intermediary rental companies, companies and individuals.