The concept of car sharing is becoming increasingly popular in France because it is a key to the green mobility of the future. Among the various mobility solutions that exist today, car sharing is among the least expensive and least polluting. So, let's take a closer look at this famous concept.

Car-sharing: what exactly does it consist of?

First, it should be stressed that car-sharing and car-pooling are two quite distinct concepts, although they allow you to enjoy the same advantages. More concretely, car-sharing is a system aimed at making one or more vehicles available to "subscribers" in free circulation in return for a contribution. It should also be noted that this concept originates from different structures such as organizations, associations, groups, municipalities, regions, etc. In other words, car-sharing owes its appearance to associative initiatives concerning mainly those who live on the outskirts and wish to go to work without having to spend the slightest penny to acquire a vehicle. Over time, this system has rapidly developed to become a mobility solution that can respond to many issues, particularly environmental and social ones. In 2007, the car-sharing initiative was encouraged during the "Grenelle de l'environnement". The aim was to motivate people to move towards a green mobility solution so that they can limit their carbon footprint as much as possible.

Car-sharing: a powerful lever to develop sustainable mobility

The main advantage of car-sharing is that it is a real ecological alternative that cannot be ignored. In this case, it should be stressed that the vehicles made available to subscribers are quality vehicles that are less polluting and comply with all ecology related standards. Many operators even offer electric cars. In this case, car-sharing is a powerful lever through which each motorist can minimise his or her ecological footprint. What's more, this concept can even replace up to 8 private cars: less CO2 emissions, carbon footprint, etc.

Car-sharing means considerable economic gain

It must be admitted that car-sharing is a concept through which everyone can make significant savings. It allows you to enjoy the freedom of movement offered by a car, but without having to pay for all the procedures and costs inherent in its ownership: purchase, maintenance, possible repairs, parking fees ... Then, in the context where parking in the city is becoming increasingly restrictive, car sharing has dedicated parking lots allowing each driver to avoid the constraints associated with parking: cost, space, search... It should also be noted that travel costs are set according to the distance travelled, as well as the time of use, the type of vehicle and the desired level of comfort.