Private individual, professional, company, car rental is accessible to everyone under two main conditions. On the one hand, the tenant must be at least 21 years old or at least 25 years old in the case of an exceptional private rental. On the other hand, he or she must hold a driver's licence required for the type of car rented. Thus, you wish to rent a vehicle for your private or business trips, read these few lines.

The driver's license, the essential of car rental

One of the documents required for a vehicle rental is a driver's license. Without it, it is exclusively impossible to pick up and take off with a vehicle at a rental agency. A requirement that seems logical for the sole reason that it is compulsory to have a driving licence in order to be able to drive. In this respect, when you go to a rental agency, regardless of whether the rental agency is located at an airport or a train station, you must present your driver's license. In addition, if you are on a trip or a trip with several people, if you wish to hand over the driving to another driver at certain times during the trip. The latter must imperatively be present when you collect the rental car. Obviously, just like you, he must justify his aptitude and ability to drive through his driving licence.

The credit card and an identity card, equally essential documents

Like a driver's licence, it is also recommended that you carry valid identification, including a credit card. The same applies to other drivers who wish to assist you. However, the credit card must be in your name as the principal driver. It must also contain enough balances to ensure the rental and to deal with possible problems on the road. That's right! These documents make the administrative procedures for a car rental easier. Especially since the credit card is often used to pay the rental deposit.

Some advice to follow before departure

In order to reassure you that you have not forgotten anything on the day of departure, do not forget to check that you have all these documents in your hands each time you rent a car. So, as soon as you prepare your belongings, please take the time to put these papers in your luggage, to make sure you don't forget them. Apart from your driver's license, ID and credit card, there are certain documents you will need to provide when you pick up your rented vehicle, such as proof of address and a voucher. For your information, the latter is given to you once the reservation is validated.