Leasing is a very economical alternative to buying a car. Today, more and more people are adapting this initiative. Whether it is through an agency or between private individuals, the car rental sector is growing rapidly. You will find cars of all categories. This practice has become trendy especially for very high-end cars. Indeed, certain occasions in life can lead you to rent a luxury car or a classic car.

Renting a luxury car: for what occasion?

Driving a Ferrari or a Mercedes SLK 350 is a dream come true. However, buying these cars is simply not feasible for most people. You must have a budget of around 200,000 euros for the purchase of one of these vehicles. Renting is a possible alternative, but here again, you should not overdo it. Be aware that a rental for more than a week can cost you a used car. That's why renting for certain occasions is reasonable. For example, luxury or classic cars can be rented for special events such as birthdays, weddings or just to treat yourself for a weekend. These unique events in life deserve to be remarkable so mark it with luxury car rental. You won't risk forgetting this day.

Luxury car rental: for whom?

Take the example of a Ferrari F430. One day you would cost 2,000 euros and the weekend 5,000 euros, or about 10,000 euros a week. In addition, you will have to advance a guarantee of 20,000 euros before getting behind the wheel, plus the 95-litre tank that you absolutely must fill up. Do your calculations and you will see for yourself that these cars cannot be put in anyone's hands. Hirers are very strict and take a lot of precautions before entrusting their jewellery to the client.

Renting a luxury car: for what condition?

The rental of a luxury car or a classic car is done with certain restrictions. This is normal considering the price. Thus, to take the wheel of one of these cars, you must be of legal driving age. However, some agencies apply an additional minimum age of 26 years, or even 30 years for certain models. You must also have a driving license of at least 3 years and most importantly, an armoured bank account.