Are you planning to move or moving in? If you wish to rent a van for this purpose, choosing the right size is essential, in order to have a vehicle that meets your needs very well. Thus, you are given here elements allowing you to choose the size of the vehicle you need to rent.

The choice of your utility rental starts with the definition of your needs

In the field of utility rental, the requirements differ depending on whether you are a professional or a private individual. As far as private individuals are concerned, it is important to know that almost all ¾ of them rent a utility as part of a move. Knowing exactly what you must move with your rented utility vehicle is the first question to ask yourself. Selecting the size of the van will no longer be a concern for you once you know the capacity of the items you have to move. Basically, if you have a studio with an area of less than 15m², a utility vehicle of 9 m3 at the most will suffice. If you want to move from a larger home, you can rent a 20 m3 truck with a loading platform. This will save you a lot of effort.

Choosing the size of the truck for professionals

Among professionals, the world of utility rental is generally very particular. For classic needs such as transporting small equipment, carrying cases or even various tools, you can easily turn to the rental of a 3m3 Kangoo or 6m3 Vito van. This type of van can carry three (03) passengers at the front. As for the transport of materials, the rental of a dump truck is the most suitable. In all cases, do not hesitate to ask for professional advice on the transportable capacity and on the useful weight of the utility vehicle.

Choosing the right truck in just a few steps

Once you have found the rental agency, your next step is to choose the car that suits your needs. Be aware that there are many different types of vans. The selection will therefore not be very easy. Here are some tips to help you choose. First, look at the useful weight. This is the maximum weight that can be transported by car. Next, check that you can drive the utility vehicle of your choice with your B licence. Finally, calculate your moving volume. Choosing the right size van or truck will be very easy for you if you know the volume of the move.