Above all, it is extremely simple once you have defined your needs in advance. We are referring here to the rental of a commercial vehicle in the context of a professional or private move. That's right! This type of rental is usually accompanied by several commercial vehicle accessories. Below is a reference about these materials that can really make your job easier.

Accessories for commercial vehicles: trays and trolleys

In the context of a move or a heavy load moving chore, some commercial vehicles already have several specific accessories reserved exclusively for this purpose. Among these, to complete your removal project, you can, for example, take advantage of renting a furniture trolley or a trolley at a very attractive price. In addition, accessories for commercial vehicles, such as trays, have everything you need to move with ease. They are also useful reference material if you are active in the building trade, DIY, etc., for example. Robust and powerful at the same time, these accessories offer you the privilege of easily transporting bulky loads, especially heavy loads.

Commercial vehicles equipped with tippers

In the case of commercial vehicles such as dump trucks, the accessories for commercial vehicles are already available within the means of transport itself. Therefore, if you want to use a commercial vehicle that is both practical and easy to use for transporting your rubble or materials, we recommend that you choose a dump truck, preferably with a double cab. Equipped with a system of hydraulic cylinders, these vehicles are easy to drive and can move loads of varying sizes. Moreover, they are regularly used by professionals working in the construction sector to transport sand, slippery loads, pallets, etc.

Double cab utility vehicles, one extra cab as an accessory

In addition to flatbeds, trolleys and utility vehicles equipped with a tipper, the rental of double cab utility cars is also among the most popular among professionals. In fact, when travelling to construction sites, it is quite possible to have to carry heavy loads (construction materials, formwork equipment, etc.) and at the same time transport the teams that are carrying out the work. The accessories for double cab utility vehicles offer you the possibility of optimising the total number of personnel you can transport in the other cab. Of course, the additional accessories are also attached to the commercial vehicle in question. In short, double cab utility vehicles have everything you need to easily transport the human and material resources you need to carry out your moving project, construction project, etc.