For decades, car sharing has been developing in France as well as in other foreign countries. The car-sharing system limits fuel consumption, as the car is only used when needed. There are different types of car sharing, but the most classic is the return loop car sharing.

What is carsharing with a feedback loop?

Car-sharing is not owning a car but using other people's cars or self-service cars when you need them or, if you don't, putting your car at the disposal of others when you are not using it. Car sharing comes in four main variants: car sharing in a return loop, car sharing in free-floating, one-way car sharing, car sharing between private individuals. Of these four types, feedback loop carsharing is the most traditional. Return loop car-sharing service consists in picking up the car at stations dedicated exclusively to this service or at a specific location for a private individual's car and returning it to the same place at the end of your trip. The method of payment is by monthly or annual subscription or in the form of an hourly cost or according to the mileage travelled.

What are the advantages of car sharing?

If you don't use your own car, your expenses are reduced. You don't incur debts in order to buy a car, you don't contribute to the costs of vehicle maintenance and upkeep or to insurance. Otherwise, if you put your car into car-sharing service, you don't have to worry about the problems you encounter because your car is fully insured. For parking your car, car-sharing companies provide you with a free parking lot. At least, you don't pay fines for bad parking. You use the car-sharing cars in a return loop for spontaneous needs. As with owning your own car, you can have the car at your disposal without programming the route to be covered and the duration of its use.

A green economy

If you use the car-sharing service, you participate in the fight against global warming. You only use the car if you really need it. The emission of fine particles from the exhaust, a risk of danger to health and the environment, is reduced. According to studies conducted by American researchers, the number of cars on the road worldwide will be reduced by a third if car-sharing services are adopted. Car-sharing offers many advantages for both the lessor and the renter.